FOR RENT- 3 BIKE Hatch Sedan Pacific Boot rack bike rack no tow ball required


FOR RENT- 3 BIKE Hatch Sedan Pacific Boot rack bike rack NO TOW BALL REQUIRED !!! However you will need some secure fixing points under the car away from the muffler which most cars have. Also can come with the adaptor bar for cruisers for an additional $5 per rental.

Possibly one of the most well thought out and well designed boot racks on the market, the Pacific 3 Bike Boot Mount Rack securely fastens to the rear of many types of cars and creates a stable and safe platform on which to transport your bikes.

The lower mount rests on slip-free high density foam pads (to absorb vibration and prevent movement and scratching your car's paintwork) and the upper pads touch either the bodywork of Sedans, or the rear window of hatch-Back or Station-Wagon cars. The four upper stablizing straps feature rubber covered flat hooks to grip the boot lid of your car without creating pressure-points that could damage the edges, and the two lower straps have rounded open hooks to grab the underneath of your vehicle such as to the emergency tow loops or somewhere on the chassis.

The security of this rack doesn't stop there either. Once attached to your vehicle, the rack is capable of safely carrying up to three bikes by slotting the bike frame tube into the channels and securing with the adjustable length Velcro straps. The rack design favours conventional shaped frames, but is versatile enough for some ladies and kids frames.

Features and Specifications:

Carries up to 3 bikes

Super strong Velcro straps safely hold bicycles

6 strong self adjusting straps for fast, safe and easy attachment

High density non-slip rubber foam pads protects car's finish

Carries up to 40kg

Quick release mechanism for adjustable inclune, and foldable storage

Weight of rack: 4.65kg

Length of support bars: 47cm

Width of support bars (to the outside edge): 49cm

Height from base pads to support bars: 55cm

Folded dimensions: 83 x 53 x 17cm (minimum dimensions)

This rack is very versatile and safely mounts to a variety of cars from Sedans, Hatchbacks and Station Wagons, but it won't fit everything. You may have trouble with vehicles where the boot lid is surrounded by plastic, or glass where the flat hooks may not get good purchase, or vehicles where there are no suitable loops under the vehicle to attach the hooks to. It would pay to check this before purchase.

We recommend the use of a Light Board and supplimental number plate to meet local and state laws for obscuring your number plate and lights when transporting bikes.

Please Note # Some Bike may require a Adaptor Bar to fit, ie Ladies Bikes with sloping top tube, small bikes, or bikes with non-standard shaped frame tubing. See our other auctions for these adaptors.

Features: Bikes held independently by plastic holders, with velcro straps that allow quick and secure loading without damage to bike finish. High density rubber foam padding (non skid) protects vehicles finish. Carries 2 to 3 bicycles-Maximum capacity 40 kgs.

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